Blind Tiger Introduces New Sparkling Spirit-Free Cocktails

Blind Tiger Spirit Free Sparkling Cocktails

Blind Tiger Spirit-Free Cocktails, known for its award-winning, non-alcoholic ready-to-drink cocktails and mixers inspired by speakeasy culture, is excited to unveil its latest creations: the Southside Mojito and the Sidecar Mimosa. These new additions offer sparkling versions of classic cocktails, enhancing the underlying flavors for a delightful sensory experience.

The Southside Mojito  a sparkling blend of mint and lime with hints of juniper. This refreshing cocktail combines elements from both the Southside and the Mojito, two historic drinks with rich backgrounds. The Southside, reputedly enjoyed by Al Capone and his associates, originated during the Prohibition era and is known for its blend of gin, mint, and citrus. The Mojito, a Cuban classic dating back to the 16th century, features a refreshing mix of rum, lime, mint, and soda. The Southside Mojito by Blind Tiger brings these two iconic flavors together in a sparkling, spirit-free format.

The Sidecar Mimosa  a sparkling blend of orange and lemon, with notes of brandy and bitters. This unique creation draws inspiration from the Sidecar and the Mimosa, two cocktails with storied pasts. Thought to have both been created at the Ritz bar Paris in the early 20th century, the Sidecar is known for its balanced combination of cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice and the Mimosa, combines champagne and orange juice. Blind Tiger’s Sidecar Mimosa captures the essence of these beloved drinks in a sparkling, non-alcoholic version.

The Southside Mojito and Sidecar Mimosa are available exclusively in the 8.4 oz slim can format.

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Blind Tiger Spirit-Free Cocktails produce all-natural, spirit-free adult beverages that capture the complexity of classic cocktails while invoking the mystique of the Prohibition era. Our non-alcoholic beverages recreate classic Prohibition-era cocktails, including the Bee's Knees, Southside, Mojito, Ward 8, Sidecar, Mimosa, and Lavender French 75We aim to provide a sophisticated beverage experience that stands on its own or serves as an effortless mixer, ensuring everyone feels a "part of the occasion." These curated recipes can be enjoyed over ice for a non-alcoholic version or a spirit added to make the traditional cocktail.

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