New Grey Goose Ready To Serve Classic Martini Cocktail

Grey Goose Ready-To-Serve Martini

Today, GREY GOOSE is unveiling its latest offering, the ready-to-serve GREY GOOSE Classic Martini Cocktail, designed to match the expertise of GREY GOOSE creator Cellar Master Francois Thibault in crafting martini cocktails. This new product comprises three high-quality ingredients: GREY GOOSE vodka, dry French vermouth, and a touch of orange bitters. It introduces a fresh way to bring top-notch bartender-quality martinis to consumers' homes. Each 750ml bottle provides between eight to ten servings, elevating the elegance of dinners, cocktail parties, and stylish home entertaining. Preparing the perfect pour is a breeze: just shake or stir over ice for 30 seconds, pour into a glass, and garnish with an olive or lemon twist.

The iconic Martini cocktail has seen a significant surge in popularity in recent years, officially surpassing the Moscow Mule as the second most popular order in December of last year (source: CGA by Nielsen IQ, 2022). However, while the number of orders in bars and restaurants continues to rise, making a Martini at home can still be daunting for many, as they consider it too "intimidating." As the only bottled martini cocktail of its kind in the market from a major vodka brand, this innovation has the potential to revolutionize the way people enjoy martinis in the comfort of their homes.

GREY GOOSE Vice President of Marketing, Aleco Azqueta, explained, "There is a strong demand to enjoy martini cocktails at home, but because of its cultural iconography, many drinkers find the cocktail too mysterious or difficult to 'perfect' themselves. Similarly, we know home entertainers are often looking to serve martinis at their gatherings, but find the batching process too fussy. This insight presented an exciting opportunity for GREY GOOSE to fill this desire while reinforcing the intrinsic synergy between the cocktail and brand's exceptional quality."

He added, "With every launch, our aim is to create experiences of unparalleled quality and without compromise. We knew we had to bottle the perfect GREY GOOSE martini cocktail that guaranteed a smooth, well-balanced pour every time. Furthermore, because the cocktail is notoriously personal, we wanted to ensure that drinkers could choose to shake or stir to their desired liking, and we encourage them to add the garnish of their choice."

The GREY GOOSE Martini Cocktail is now available for purchase throughout the United States and on It comes in two sizes: 375ml (SRP $16.99) and 750ml (SRP $29.99). For a limited time, consumers can also acquire the GREY GOOSE Classic Martini Cocktail Kit on, which includes a 375ml GREY GOOSE Classic Martini Cocktail bottle and two branded martini cocktail glasses (priced at $27.99).

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