Influencer Krista Horton Brings Horton RTDs To Market

Horton Ready-To-Drink Rum Cocktails

Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails, an enticing collection of expertly-crafted canned cocktails featuring coconut rum, is now gracing store shelves all across the country, courtesy of influential content creator Krista Horton and her husband, Bryce Horton. Crafted with real distilled rum sourced from Florida Caribbean Distillers (FCD), the largest continental U.S. rum producer, and infused with the tropical essence of coconut, this vibrant lineup offers a variety of flavors, including Diet Kola, Pineapple Soda, and Lime Soda, guaranteed to elevate any social gathering.

Krista Horton, known for providing her followers with an unfiltered glimpse into her life, has built a devoted community that looks to her for companionship and entertainment. While she has previously collaborated with several popular brands, Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails represents Krista's very first self-owned venture. This innovative range takes a portable spin on her cherished cocktail combination: coconut rum and diet cola, introducing a bubbly assortment that redefines the coconut rum experience. Available exclusively in a convenient 12-can Party Pack, Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails are the ideal choice for adding a splash of excitement to your upcoming gathering, regardless of the season.

Krista Horton, the founder of Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails, shared her enthusiasm for the project, stating, "As a long-time enthusiast of the coconut rum and diet cola pairing, it was a dream to create a ready-to-drink cocktail for people to enjoy without the hassle of mixing a drink. When anyone sips on a Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails canned cocktail, they are choosing to have more fun and create flavor-filled memories with their favorite people – cheers!"

These delightful canned cocktails are readily available nationwide. The Horton Ready-to-Drink Cocktails 12-Can Party Pack features four 12 oz cans of each flavor variation and can be purchased via and select retailers, with a suggested retail price of $43.99.

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