Jennifer Lopez Places Star Power Behind Delola Spritzes

Delola Spritz Ready-To-Drink Cocktails

Jennifer Lopez has proudly introduced the establishment of THE HOUSE OF DELOLA LLC, a company she personally initiated to launch a range of distinctive, mixology-level ready-to-enjoy cocktails, designed for effortless and elegant entertaining as part of a mindful lifestyle. Delola offers premium spirit-based cocktails that are rich in flavor, crafted with natural botanicals, gluten-free, and lower in calories compared to conventional cocktails. These cocktails come in beautifully crafted glass bottles, perfect for sharing with friends and family – simply open, pour over ice, and serve.

The debut offering, "DELOLA SPRITZ," consists of three unique cocktails:

  • BELLA BERRY SPRITZ: A mix of berry, hibiscus, and premium vodka, offering a full-bodied cocktail with notes of red berries, hibiscus, and citrus.

  • PALOMA ROSA SPRITZ: Crafted with grapefruit, elderflower, and premium tequila, providing an elevated Paloma experience with ripe grapefruit, rich elderflower, and a hint of salt.

  • L'ORANGE SPRITZ: A tribute to Italian spritzes, blending orange, passionfruit, and premium amaro, resulting in bright, delightful fruit flavors perfectly balanced with amaro's bitterness.

Delola will be available in 750ml and 375ml premium embossed glass bottles and will hit the shelves of select grocery stores, spirit establishments, restaurants, and bars starting in April, with a phased rollout throughout spring. The company's expansion is planned not only in the United States but globally in the coming years. Delola has garnered support from Beam Suntory, a prominent global spirits company, serving as a minority investor and global distribution partner. For more information, you can visit @Delola on Instagram or their website,

Recognized for her strong work ethic, Jennifer Lopez values balance and cherishes time with friends and family. For Jennifer, relaxation with friends involves enjoying a glass of rosé, champagne, or a light cocktail, and her nickname "Lola" reflects this more carefree side of her personality. One of her favorite places to unwind is along the Italian coast, where she was introduced to spritzes. This experience inspired her to create her own refreshing and flavorful spritzes, which are delicious spirit-based cocktails free from artificial colors and the excess sugars that traditional spritzes often contain. Delola's cocktails are crafted with natural botanicals and contain about as much alcohol as a glass of wine. Delola embodies something that Jennifer can enjoy when unwinding and entertaining friends, while remaining true to her mindful lifestyle.

Jennifer expressed, "I love entertaining and unwinding with friends, but I couldn't find the right drink for me. I was in search of something that aligns with my thoughtful way of living. When I couldn't find it, I decided to create Delola. My goals were better ingredients, better taste, fewer calories than traditional cocktails, and one simple pour. Something easy, fun, fresh, and delicious. I knew that if I was looking for it, others were too. Delola offers people the freedom to enjoy without the hassle of mixing and preparing, making ordinary moments extraordinary. Each cocktail is bottled in a beautiful glass bottle, ready to be served. Just pour over ice and savor. I embarked on this journey two years ago, and I'm thrilled to finally share Delola with the world."

Jennifer initiated the development of Delola in 2020 in collaboration with industry veterans Ken Austin and Jenna Fagnan, as well as her manager and business partner, Benny Medina. Globally acclaimed mixologist Lynnette Marrero, voted the 2021 "World's Best Bartender" by her peers worldwide, joined the team to craft these unique cocktails. Jennifer and the Delola team are also working on a scholarship program to support women's higher education.

Jenna Fagnan, co-founder of Delola, emphasized the hands-on approach Jennifer Lopez has taken in building the Delola brand. Jenna stated, "What Jennifer is bringing to consumers is something that has been missing from the market. We all live busy lives, and it's reassuring to know that you don't need to be friends with the world's best mixologist to enjoy top-notch cocktails. You can simply pick up a bottle of Delola to host your friends or treat yourself. We all deserve world-class crafted, delicious cocktails made with natural botanicals and without all the calories of a traditional, high-proof cocktail. Delola is what many of us have been seeking."

Co-founder Ken Austin highlighted Jennifer's unwavering work ethic and the meticulous attention she has given to every detail of the Delola brand. He said, "Jennifer's work ethic ranks up there with the best, and we've worked closely together for over two years to ensure we are bringing the very best product and an exciting, engaging brand to the world. Every detail, from the brand's name to its elegant bottle with meaningful embossing, to the fine liquids, is led by Jennifer and her vision for the brand. We are excited for the world to try Delola. It's all in the bottle, delicious and effortless, just pour over ice."

The Delola bottle features the "Delola Crest," inspired by the Bronx crest, Jennifer's hometown, along with lions and ivy vines on the labels, a result of Jennifer's art direction. Jennifer and Lynnette collaborated on flavors they believed would be perfect for entertaining and pairing with food.

Jessica Spence, North America President of Beam Suntory, expressed their immediate interest in the Delola concept and their commitment to bringing this unique proposition to consumers. Delola offers a perfect complement to the brands in Beam Suntory's portfolio.

Starting in April, Delola will be available in three delightful expressions, all containing approximately 110 calories or less per serving: Bella Berry Spritz (10.5% ABV), Paloma Rosa Spritz (11.5% ABV), and L'Orange Spritz (10.5% ABV). Delola is packaged in 750ml (SRP $22.99) and 375ml (SRP $11.99) beautiful, embossed glass bottles.

Wayne Chaplin, CEO of Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits, expressed excitement about representing Delola in the United States and working with the iconic team behind it. Ken and Jenna, the creators of iconic brands such as Teremana Tequila with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey with Conor McGregor, and Avion Tequila, have undoubtedly set the stage for another great success with Delola.

Jennifer Lopez shared her pride in the journey of creating Delola, saying, "Delola has been an exciting and inspiring journey, and I am incredibly proud of what we are about to bring to people around the world."

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