Sazerac Introduces "The Spritz" New Ready-To-Drink Cocktails

The Spritz Ready-To-Drink Sparkling Apertif

Just in time for summer, The Spritz conveniently delivers the sweet, bitter, and bubbly taste experience of the classic namesake cocktail with style.

FRANKFORT, Ky. , May 9, 2024 -- Every season can be The Spritz season thanks to a new, ready-to-drink cocktail offering from Sazerac Company. Inspired by the classic namesake cocktail, The Spritz is light, refreshing, and sophisticated...a little bit sweet, a little bit bitter and perfectly bubbly on the palate. Intentionally crafted using quality ingredients and featuring three delectable, authentic flavors with just 80 calories per serving, The Spritz offers drinkers a guilt-free indulgence without compromising lifestyle or taste.

"The Spritz was designed to evoke that sunshine-on-your-face-not-a-care-in-the-world feeling synonymous with kicking back and enjoying a refreshing, bubbly beverage. With The Spritz, we're declaring that 'spritz season' should be a state of mind," remarked Lauren Selman, Director of Global Growth & Innovation at Sazerac. "Many ready-to-drink offerings don't deliver on both flavor and style, but The Spritz does. Nailing the taste experience was a critical part of our creation process, and we're confident even the most seasoned spritz connoisseurs will be reaching for The Spritz all summer – and beyond."
The Spritz Ready-To-Drink Sparkling Apertif

Light and effervescent, The Spritz offers sophisticated and versatile cocktails with three flavors to choose from:

Traditional - Inspired by classic spritz flavors and featuring notes of Mandarin orange and herbal liqueur.

Limone - Limoncello and notes of blood orange, grapefruit, carraway, and orange blossom.

Hugo - Elderflower and notes of mint and lemon.

The Spritz Ready-To-Drink Sparkling Apertif

"We intentionally designed The Spritz with a sleek bottle shape, vivid colors, and innovative pop-top technology to stimulate the senses and be more than just a liquid in a can. From the satisfying 'pop' you hear while opening the bottle to the appealing aroma from the cocktail and the visual of bubbles dancing in your glass, The Spritz is an ideal drink and experience for any occasion," Selman explained.

Starting May 2024, The Spritz will debut in select markets, including Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, and Washington, before becoming available nationwide in September 2024. Each boldly colored bottle of The Spritz contains two 6 oz servings. The new-to-world, ready-to-drink cocktail can be enjoyed with fruit, on ice, or chilled in a wine glass. Each flavor of The Spritz is available in packs of four for an SRP of $14.99 (local taxes and fees will vary).

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About The Spritz
Every season is The Spritz season with The Spritz ready-to-drink cocktails. Inspired by the classic namesake cocktail, The Spritz is crafted with quality ingredients and offered in three light and refreshing flavors at just 80 calories per serving: Traditional, Limone, and Hugo. 'Spritz season' is a state of mind, so grab your friends, pop open your favorite flavor, and let The Spritz transport you to wherever you want to go.

About Sazerac Company
With over 400 years of history, Sazerac is one of the world's largest distilled spirits companies. Now in the fourth generation of the current family ownership, Sazerac strives each day to bring the finest spirits to consumers and communities around the world.

Over 500 of the world's most extraordinary brands are part of the Sazerac portfolio, including Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Eagle Rare, Weller, The Last Drop Distillers, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, Southern Comfort, Wheatley Vodka, Meyers's Rum, White X Cognac, Sazerac de Forge Cognac, Paddy's Irish Whiskey, and many more.

Sazerac is also the steward of many fine distilleries internationally, including Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky, United States; Domaine Sazerac de Segonzac in Cognac, France; Paul John Distillery in Goa, India; and Lough Gill Distillery in County Sligo, Ireland. Additional impressive locations can be found in New Orleans, Montréal, London, Cork and Sydney, to name a few. To learn more visit

The Spritz Traditional: The Spritz, Premium Vodka and Orange Liqueur with Certified Colors, 6% Alc/Vol, Sazerac Company, Louisville KY

The Spritz Hugo: The Spritz, Premium Vodka and Elderflower Liqueur with Certified Colors, 6% Alc/Vol, Sazerac Company, Louisville KY

The Spritz Limone: The Spritz, Premium Vodka and Limoncello Liqueur with Certified Color, 6% Alc/Vol, Sazerac Company, Louisville KY

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