Thomas Ashbourne: Wildly Dignified Premium Cocktails

Thomas Ashbourne Craft Cocktails

Introducing Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits, an innovative player in the pre-made cocktail scene, providing a refined and convenient way to savor premium craft cocktails in bottled and canned form. With the ready-to-drink beverage category on the rise, this female-led brand is poised to make a significant mark when it enters the market this spring. Setting itself apart from the competition, Thomas Ashbourne offers a range of expertly crafted libations, featuring fresh, all-natural ingredients, high-proof distilled spirits, and recipes inspired by Michelin-star quality cocktails. Under the guidance of CEO Cara Kamenev, the brand has assembled an exclusive team of founding partners, including some of today's most prominent global celebrities, who have curated their unique craft cocktails for the launch:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker presents "The Perfect Cosmo."
  • John Cena brings forth "The Classic Old Fashioned."
  • Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson, and Vanessa Hudgens introduce "The Margalicious Margarita."
  • Playboi Carti presents "The Hardscatto."

Cara Kamenev emphasizes the brand's commitment to excellence: "We've been dedicated to sourcing high-proof, premium spirits and the finest natural ingredients to elevate the Thomas Ashbourne portfolio beyond the standard of pre-made cocktails. With the assistance of our celebrity partners, each flavor profile was meticulously crafted, demanding the highest standards in terms of taste, quality, and sophistication. We aim to dispel the notion that bespoke, high-end cocktails are limited to specific settings and individuals. Our brand offers consumers a high-quality beverage that rivals the best bar-made cocktails and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere."

The Thomas Ashbourne collection embodies the distinctive characteristics of its celebrity partners, as each founder played a crucial role in shaping the flavor profile and personality of their signature cocktail, based on their individual preferences and style. Sarah Jessica Parker's "The Perfect Cosmo" is a modern twist on the classic Cosmopolitan, combining cranberry, freshly squeezed lime, hints of strawberry, premium vodka, and triple sec for a sweet and perfectly balanced finish. Professional wrestler and actor John Cena's "The Classic Old Fashioned" merges his larger-than-life persona with smooth premium bourbon whiskey, sweet Maplewood, caramel aromas, and bright orange bitters. Actresses Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson, and Vanessa Hudgens, friends in real life, celebrate their union with "The Margalicious Margarita," boasting freshly squeezed limes, pure sea salt, and hints of orange zest with a premium tequila and triple sec liqueur base, delivering a refreshing and clean Margarita with crisp citrus-forward notes and bright agave. Rapper and cultural icon Playboi Carti reimagines the wine category with "The Hardscatto," a hard spirit cocktail crafted with premium vodka and natural flavors of Muscat Blanc Grapes, peach, apricot, and elderflower.

Sarah Jessica Parker, co-founder of Thomas Ashbourne, shares her thoughts on their cocktails: "I've had the pleasure of tasting some truly extraordinary cocktails over the years and during my travels, but our Thomas Ashbourne Perfect Cosmo ranks among the very best. We took the process very seriously, experimenting with various recipes and ingredients to create a harmonious blend of flavors. This particular cocktail, closely associated with a character I've portrayed for many years, also holds a special place in my personal preferences. I hope others find it as enjoyable and refreshing as we do."

Co-founder John Cena adds, "To me, the Thomas Ashbourne brand's vision is to be the world's most trusted bartender. While I'm partial to 'The Old Fashioned,' all of the incredible craft cocktails from Thomas Ashbourne embrace a social lifestyle of fun, conversation, and memorable moments with quality, convenience, and unparalleled consistency."

In addition to its commitment to delivering top-notch cocktails, Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits places sustainability at its core, both in its production process and philanthropic endeavors. The brand supports Keep America Beautiful®, a leading community improvement organization focused on reducing litter and enhancing community resilience to climate change.

As for the eponymous Thomas Ashbourne, the brand takes inspiration from the legendary prohibition mixologist known for creating cocktails bursting with flavor, strength, and a vibrant nightlife during the Golden Age of Cocktails. The four classic cocktails associated with Thomas Ashbourne would have delighted the palates of high-profile patrons accustomed to fine dining and a time when taste, quality, and whimsical sophistication took precedence over dull flavors and conventional norms. The brand reimagines a modern world filled with fresh tastes, unique flavor profiles, and a charmingly irreverent brand persona. With its fresh ingredients, well-balanced and refined flavor profiles, and premium distilled spirits, all you need to do is pour the cocktail over ice to enjoy a refreshing and premium drink meant for sharing.

Upon its launch, Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits has already received acclaim within the beverage industry, including a Double Gold medal from the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition for "The Perfect Cosmo." The brand has also secured medals from The Drinks Business & The Spirits Business Spring Blind Tasting, Los Angeles International Spirits Competition, and the 2022 London Spirits Competition. The Thomas Ashbourne cocktails will be available for an average retail selling price of $15.99 per 375ml bottle and $25.99 for a four-pack of 200ml cans, with availability starting in May 2022 in CA, TX, IL, FL, WA, NY, and a national rollout planned for later this summer. All four Thomas Ashbourne cocktails are kosher certified and gluten-free, featuring a premium spirit base with an alcohol by volume (ABV) range of 20-25%.

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