Bar Diver Cocktails Ready-To-Drink Negroni

Bar Diver Cocktails Bottled Negroni

FROM THE BRAND: Crafted With Luxury Distilled Gin, Bitter Orange Aperitivo liqueur, and Sweet Vermouth. Elegant & spirit forward. The perfect balance of bitter, boozy and not too sweet. Delicious. Authentic, without compromise. Superb quality natural ingredients, batched with craft. 26% abv. / 52 proof.

Bar Diver Cocktails Classic Cocktails aim to bring bar-quality cocktails into your home. All the complexity, without the hassle, and more than enough to share. For best results serve ice cold from the fridge. Pop cap, pour over good ice, garnish. Add music and your preferred atmosphere.

What Our Test Panel Said About This Premade Negroni

"Gin is aromatic by itself, and this cocktail is no exception. Lovely herbal, floral, and perfectly bitter aromas that are a treat to the senses."

"This is an incredibly good ready-to-drink gin cocktail. Many casual drinkers may not be familiar with gin or the Negroni, but this version from the mixologists at Bar Diver is an excellent embodiment of how the cocktail should taste."

"A mighty fine premixed Negroni. Botanical, lightly sweet, and delightfully bitter, just like it should be. Nice job here by the folks at Bar Diver."

"Agreeable flavors that play well with one another with no infighting whatsoever. Cocktails made with gin or aperitivos sometimes struggle to strike the right balance between bitter and sweet, but no struggles here as Bar Diver has nailed this Negroni."

Where To Buy Bar Diver Cocktails Bottled Negroni

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this gold medal winning pre-mixed Negroni in a bottle made with real gin? For more information about Bar Diver Cocktails and where to buy their bar quality ready to serve bottled cocktails, please visit their website at
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