BarBox Cosmopolitan

BarBox Cosmopolitan

From the Brand: Light in color, this Cosmopolitan from BarBox Ready To Drink Craft Cocktails is refreshing and crisp to drink. The tartness of the cranberry compliments the sour sweetness of the lime juice, while also adding a pop of flavor for your tongue with every sip. Much like a Vodka Sour, this drink is perfect for warmer summer nights when all you want to do is spend time at home with that special someone.

Bring the party wherever you go with BarBox ready-to-drink premium craft cocktails. Our classic cocktail line has been curated with artisan spirts and all-natural ingredients delivering a sophisticated yet playful cocktail experience with every sip. Kiss those single servings goodbye! Each BarBox serves up more than 14 four-ounce cocktails in each eco-friendly box, so you'll never run low on good times.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Premade Cosmopolitan

"Nice aroma but notably different in color than you would expect from a traditional cosmo. Still a good tasting cocktail and I love the convenience of the multi-serving box and spout."

"Full size, full strength, and excellent for entertaining! Plenty to go around and I could see guests having fun with these by putting their own twist on a cosmopolitan with additional mixers or garnish to these boxed cocktails."

"Lacking a bit in the cranberry fragrance and flavor department. A little extra splash of cranberry juice would be just what the doctor ordered for this otherwise fine drink."

"I agree with the other panel members about the color and light cranberry, but I enjoyed this premade cosmopolitan nonetheless and it's a great value given its serving size. The innovative box and spout design was entertaining as well and would be a hit at any party."

Where To Buy BarBox Ready To Drink Craft Cocktails

RTD Magazine Bronze Medal WinnerWant to learn more about this bronze medal winning pre-mixed cosmopolitan? For more information about BarBox Cocktails and where to find these multi-serve boxed cocktails from Kozuba & Sons Distillery, visit their website at
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