Blind Tiger Bee's Knees

Blind Tiger Bee's Knees Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

From the Brand: The Bee's Knees from Blind Tiger Spirit Free Cocktails is a true Prohibition-era cocktail, reportedly invented by a bartender at the Ritz in Paris in 1921. Originally designed to mask the harshness of bathtub gin (cheap alcohol made during Prohibition) through the use of honey and lemon, it eventually became a renowned cocktail made in bars around the world today.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Orange Blossom Honey, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Juniper Berry Juice Extract, Monkfruit, Natural Lemon Extract.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Bee's Knees Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

"The initial hints of honey fragrance warmly invited me in for more. I obliged by finishing the whole can in short order. Wonderfully balanced honey and citrus flavor. Would be lovely with a splash of gin as well."

"A really excellent non alcoholic canned cocktail. Nice honey and floral aromas with rich honey sweetness cut perfectly by the tart lemon finish. Another superbly crafted cocktail from Blind Tiger."

"I love that the Juniper notes in this mixture are subtle, allowing one to enjoy as-is with a slight essence of gin undertones, but muted enough as to not overpower if you'd like to add more spirit to your drink."

"The honey lover in me was buzzing with excitement when I tried this NA canned cocktail during Dry January. A really thoughtful combination of sweet, sour, and savory entertained me throughout the entire can."

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RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
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