Blind Tiger Lavender French 75

Blind Tiger Lavender French 75 Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

From the Brand: The Lavender French 75 from Blind Tiger Spirit Free Cocktails is a bright and bubbly effervescent non-alcoholic champagne cocktail with notes of lavender, lemon, and juniper. According to legend, this cocktail had such a powerful kick that it was likened to being shelled with the French 75mm field gun. Each drink can be enjoyed alcohol-free as it comes or serve as a mixer if you'd like to add your own alcohol.

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Natural Juniper Extract, Natural Lavender Extract, Natural Maraschino Cherry Extract, Natural Lemon Flavor, Natural Purple Plum Liquid (color).

What Our Testing Panel Said About This French 75 Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

"An amazing floral aroma greets you right from the get-go. The beautiful pink hue of this classic cocktail invites you to partake immediately, and the flavors do not disappoint. Light and sweet, it tastes like a sophisticated and bubbly pink lemonade."

"If you've never tried the original version of this cocktail made with gin, worry not. The flavors are spectacularly accurate. The juniper presents itself subtly, allowing one to add gin and use this as a mixer without overpowering the palate. An excellent alcohol-free RTD cocktail."

"Fantastic flavors! Sweet and satisfying without the use of any artificial sweeteners and friendly to the waistline at just 80 calories per can. The bubbles add the perfect amount of playfulness and the complex flavors make this a cocktail I would want to enjoy all evening long."

"The pink color looks so elegant and the full-flavor is absolutely delicious and not dry whatsoever. Sweet but not too sweet, and the carbonation level was just perfect and made it a joy to test this non-alcoholic cocktail."

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RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
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