Bravago Chill Out

Bravago Chill Out Hard Seltzer

From the Brand: Bravago Hard Seltzer knows that everyone loves cherry flavored seltzers, so we set out to find the best tasting cherry on the planet, the Washington Rainier cherry. Chill Out brings out a bold sweetness with a subtle caramel finish. Once you try Chill Out, you’ll never drink black cherry again.

Bravago Bold Seltzer is uniquely formulated with natural flavors and lightly sweetened with monk fruit. Each 12-ounce can of Bravago is gluten-free and Stevia free with only 3-4g of carbs and 110-120 calories. No bloat. No weird aftertaste. Of course, Bravago wouldn’t be bold without a little extra kick, so each can is 5.1% ABV.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Cherry Flavored Hard Seltzer

"Excellent tart cherry flavor as you would expect from reading the can. Rainier cherry isn't a common flavor, so this is a great find for those seeking out that cherry tartness in a hard beverage."
"As soon as you pop the top on the can you get a nice yet subtle cherry scent. The aroma is a teaser for the bold cherry flavor that follows when you take the first sip. A well done cherry hard seltzer."

"Cherry fragrance + cherry flavor = cherry goodness! If you like and want cherry, that's exactly what you're going to get with this spiked seltzer. 🍒🍒🍒"

"I really like the masculine branding and design of the can. The flavors are bold and that's what you'd expect by looking at the packaging and reading the description. This is exactly the type of adult beverage I would want to drink while tailgating or at an outdoor event."


Where To Buy Bravago Hard Seltzer

RTD Magazine Silver Medal Winner
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