Bravago Sweet Freak

Bravago Sweet Freak Hard Seltzer

From the Brand: Sweet Freak from Bravago Hard Seltzer combines the playfulness of childhood with the deliciousness of adulthood. It is the perfect blend of an orange and vanilla “Creamsicle” that is sure to bring out that nostalgic feeling. This iconic treat is delicious year-round. No more chasing after the ice cream truck!

Bravago Bold Seltzer is uniquely formulated with natural flavors and lightly sweetened with monk fruit. Each 12-ounce can of Bravago is gluten-free and Stevia free with only 3-4g of carbs and 110-120 calories. No bloat. No weird aftertaste. Of course, Bravago wouldn’t be bold without a little extra kick, so each can is 5.1% ABV.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Creamsicle Flavored Hard Seltzer

"I immediately got an Orange Creamsicle vibe as soon as I opened the can. And who doesn't love that smell? Orange cream soda flavor without an over-the-top carbonation level. Very tasty!"
"The sweetness delivered by Monk Fruit is a little bit different (but definitely better than Stevia or Sucralose) and takes some getting used to, but after a few sips my palate adjusted and celebrated the creamy, orange flavors. Totally takes me back to summers of yore waiting to hear the glorious sound of the ice cream truck's bell along with all of the other neighborhood kids."
"Clean drinking, crystal-clear liquid with happy bubbles that fizzed with joy as they joined the ice in my glass. A sweet, fun, and flavorful orange flavored hard seltzer helping grown-ups feel like a kid again. I might just have to try making an adult Creamsicle float and pour this in a mug over some vanilla ice cream!"

"A very sweet hard seltzer, but the agreeable level of carbonation made it much easier to enjoy, no doubt. Not many orange themed hard seltzers on the market, so this would be a good one to try for sure."

Where To Buy Bravago Hard Seltzer

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
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