Cape Tide Hard Tea Lemon Iced Tea & Vodka

Cape Tide Hard Tea Lemon Iced Tea & Vodka

FROM THE BRAND: Enjoy a burst of bright citrus flavor mixed with premium black tea and vodka. It’s like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds — but one you can drink.

It starts with four lifelong friends: Ollie, Harrison, Ben, and Peter and their desire to craft the perfect summertime beverage that brings people together to make lasting memories. Cape Tide Hard Tea is made with premium brewed tea steeped in the sunshine of Cape Cod, mixed with vodka and real fruit juice, with no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or added colors — and zero carbonation. Inspired by spending days on the shore with your crew, Cape Tide is made for those who seek adventure, crave connection, and are ready to soak up every last drop of sunshine. With a Cape in hand and your toes in the sand, it's hard to resist the pull of the tide. Grab one and sip for yourself.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Vodka Iced Tea

"Perky tea aromas and bright lemon scents right from the start. Really pours nicely and the essence of those fragrances is enhanced even more when allowed to breathe in a glass. A hard iced tea that tastes exactly like it smells. Well done."

"A beautiful dark amber colored canned tea cocktail that delivers the robust tea flavor you would expect from looking at it. Process and ingredients make a difference and you can taste that difference with this spiked iced tea from Cape Tide."

"Give me a rocking chair, a nice view, good company, and a pitcher of this vodka tea, please! Very nicely done lemon flavored iced tea for adults. Real lemon flavor, real tea flavor, made with real vodka, and simply real good."

"The flavor profile of this vodka iced tea is excellent. Tea forward flavor that you want (without any of the sweetness) perfectly balanced out by the just right touch of lemon. A great hard tea choice for iced tea purists who actually like to taste the tea."

Where To Buy Cape Tide Hard Iced Tea

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
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