Cutwater Spirits Lime Ranch Water

Cutwater Spirits Lime Ranch Water

FROM THE BRAND: A Texan classic. Real tequila. Featuring our award-winning tequila and soda water with hints of lime. Enjoy this Texan staple with a fresh lime or straight from our can.

At Cutwater Spirits, we are explorers, charting the course with adventure in mind. We meticulously distill our award-winning portfolio of spirits including whiskeys, vodka, gin, rums, tequilas and liqueurs and incorporate them into our canned lineup. Armed with some heavy experience and boundless determination, we invite all who share our passion to join our journey.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Canned Ranch Water

"Nice earthy spirits and citrus aromas. A tad light on the tequila scent, but at only 5.9% ABV that's what you would expect."

"As far as a ranch water in a can goes, this is a pretty solid one. Good color, texture, and carbonation."

"A straight forward ranch water cocktail. A bit more tequila would help balance out some of the strong bitterness from the lime, but otherwise, still an enjoyable warm weather RTD."

"Lighter drinking and a good anytime option for those who enjoy this tequila cocktail. Lower ABV definitely makes these more sessionable than a hand-mixed version and appealing for on-the-go and outdoor entertainment."

Where To Buy Cutwater Spirits Lime Ranch Water In A Can

RTD Magazine Silver Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this silver medal winning tequila ranch water cocktail? For more information about Cutwater Spirits ready-to-drink canned cocktails and where to find their lime ranch water, visit their website at
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