Flavortown Spiked Tangerine-N-Tea

Flavortown Spiked Tangerine-N-Tea Hard Tea with Tangerine

From the Brand: Flavortown Spiked Tangerine-N-Tea is Guy Fieri’s dynamite twist on a hard iced tea! Brewed with Kenyan and Chilean tea, and a sweet infusion of real tangerine juice for an extra, real fruit flavor bomb, all at a 6% ABV!

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Spiked Tea & Tangerine Canned Cocktail

"I loved the tangerine aroma I got when I opened the can, and it got even better as I poured this citrusy hard tea in to my glass. The flavor didn't disappoint, either, with tangerine notes present during each and every sip, perfectly balancing out the earthy flavors of the tea. Well done!"

"I was today years old when I learned that I needed hard tangerine iced tea in my life! Seriously, though, what a fantastic combination. A welcomed and scenic detour from lemon or lemonade flavors that usually accompany your spiked teas, and a route I'll definitely be taking more often in the future."

"Something about tangerine just hits different and it goes so very well with this canned tea. While still a citrus fruit, the touch of natural sweetness a tangerine offers sets it apart from its cousin, the lemon, and further enhances the flavors of this already delightful hard iced tea."

"I really liked the brewed tea color of this cocktail and that alone made it very appealing to take a taste. They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but between Guy Fieri on the can staring at me and the rich color of the tea in my glass, this alcoholic iced tea delivered exactly what I was expecting; bold and unique flavors."

Where To Buy Flavortown Spiked Canned Cocktails

RTD Magazine Silver Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this silver medal winning spiked iced tea by Guy Fieri? For more information about Flavortown Spiked Tangerine-N-Tea and where to find all of their canned cocktail flavors, visit their website at www.FlavortownSpiked.com
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