Flavortown Spiked Tiki Town

Flavortown Spiked Tiki Town Tropical Punch

From the Brand: Tiki Town Tropical Punch from Flavortown Spiked is inspired by Guy Fieri’s own tiki bar. This 6% ABV cocktail is an elevated version of the beachside classic and is crafted with real passion fruit juice, orange juice, and mango juice. It’s sun-in-your-face, toes-in-the-sand – in a can!

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Spiked Tropical Punch Canned Cocktail

"Immediately and warmly greeted by a citrusy fruit punch fragrance that was quite pleasant and almost smelled like pineapple, even though there's no pineapple juice in the drink. Really fun hard punch and very sessionable at only 6% ABV."

"I got total brunch vibes while testing this canned cocktail. The orange juice and enjoyable level of carbonation really accentuated all of the flavors nicely and gave me the tastes of a fruitier mimosa."

"Loved the fruity and tropical flavors in this spiked punch cocktail. And I couldn't quite pin it down, but it had a complex toasted spice flavored finish. Almost like nutmeg, but perhaps cumin or coriander. Maybe some combination? Whatever it might be, it's great and really adds a nice balance to the fruit-forward flavors that precede it!"

"This is a terrific tropical punch for grownups. The flavor combinations surprised me in the best possible way and I could totally drink these all afternoon long at the beach, beside the pool, playing golf, you name it. And would be even more amazing over ice. Nicely done!"

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RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this gold medal winning tropical fruit punch for adults? For more information about Flavortown Spiked and where to find all of their canned cocktail flavors, visit their website at www.FlavortownSpiked.com
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