Good Boy Vodka Blackberry Iced Tea & Lemonade John Daly Cocktail

Good Boy Vodka Blackberry Iced Tea & Lemonade John Daly Cocktail

FROM THE BRAND: Blackberry vodka iced tea & lemonade. Inspired by the legendary pro golfer, John Daly, our ready-to-drink hard iced tea & spiked lemonade cocktails have the perfect combination of natural tea, fruit juice, and our premium Good Boy Vodka. Zero carbonation, zero sugar, zero carbs, and only 95 calories. Grip it and rip it!

Good Boy Vodka was born out of an appreciation for the best that life can offer, accompanied by memories that we’ll never forget. We are more than a vodka brand. We are a purpose driven, lifestyle brand. We believe in the power of giving back, particularly to those who have served our nation and the loyal companions who stand by their side. Our dedication to supporting veterans and K9 dogs is not just a facet of our brand; it’s ingrained in our ethos. Every Pour Helps a Pup®.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Blackberry Spiked Tea & Vodka Lemonade

"Blackberry might be the boldest of the berries, and that's confirmed by the very berry forward scent you get when you open the can. Exactly what you'd expect from a true blackberry beverage — bold berry flavor and a fragrance to match."

"One of the best vodka iced teas with berry flavoring that I've ever had. Subtle tea flavor to go along with bright blackberry notes that provide a delightfully tart finish, further complemented by the lemonade's tartness as well. Very good!"

"Excellent aroma and flavor accuracy for a blackberry cocktail. You smell blackberry and you taste blackberry. Blackberry is the star of the show with the tea and lemonade playing the supporting roles, exactly as it should be with this type of beverage."

"A really tasty blackberry hard tea and lemonade. It literally tastes like I muddled my own blackberries and put them in myself. Kudo's to the mixologists at Good Boy on a job well done."

Where To Buy Good Boy Vodka John Daly Cocktails In A Can

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this gold medal winning blackberry flavored spiked iced tea and lemonade cocktail? For more information about Good Boy Vodka's John Daly Cocktails, their dedication to supporting veterans plus their loyal K-9 companions, and where to find their iced tea and vodka lemonades, visit their website at
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