Good Boy Vodka Raspberry Iced Tea & Lemonade John Daly Cocktail

Good Boy Vodka Raspberry Iced Tea & Lemonade John Daly Cocktail

FROM THE BRAND: Raspberry vodka iced tea & lemonade. Inspired by the legendary pro golfer, John Daly, our ready-to-drink hard iced tea & spiked lemonade cocktails have the perfect combination of natural tea, fruit juice, and our premium Good Boy Vodka. Zero carbonation, zero sugar, zero carbs, and only 95 calories. Grip it and rip it!

Good Boy Vodka was born out of an appreciation for the best that life can offer, accompanied by memories that we’ll never forget. We are more than a vodka brand. We are a purpose driven, lifestyle brand. We believe in the power of giving back, particularly to those who have served our nation and the loyal companions who stand by their side. Our dedication to supporting veterans and K9 dogs is not just a facet of our brand; it’s ingrained in our ethos. Every Pour Helps a Pup®.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Vodka Iced Tea

"Fabulous tea and raspberry aroma as soon as I opened the can which was a real treat. Some raspberry flavored drinks have a fragrance that smells off, but this was spot on and made me eager to take my first sip. And that first sip was berry good indeed!"
"I really loved the color of this John Daly Cocktail when I poured it over ice. Not only is it made with natural tea, it looks like it and tastes like it. A nicely done hard iced tea and spiked lemonade combo."

"Excellent iced tea flavor with a good but not overpowering amount of raspberry and lemonade notes. Well balanced iced tea and vodka cocktail."
"Very good tea flavor with an agreeable tart finish provided by the raspberry and lemonade. Not overly berry tasting or any after taste at all, just a good combination of all the flavors. This is one that even raspberry skeptics would likely enjoy."

Where To Buy Good Boy Vodka John Daly Cocktails In A Can

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this gold medal winning raspberry flavored spiked iced tea and lemonade cocktail? For more information about Good Boy Vodka's John Daly Cocktails, their dedication to supporting veterans plus their loyal K-9 companions, and where to find their iced tea and vodka lemonades, visit their website at
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