Good Spirits Bourbon Crisp

Good Spirits Cocktails Bourbon Crisp

From the Brand: The Bourbon Crisp from Good Spirits Cocktails is a fall favorite that tastes great year round. Think apple cider with a bourbon kick. Drink chilled from the can or over ice with apple slices or cinnamon sticks. 13% ABV. The spirit of possibility is infused into every one of our ready-to-drink cocktails. We're here to elevate the ritual of reflection and connection that comes from enjoying the moment as much as what's inside the can. Curated flavors and honest ingredients are a huge part of who we are. We think you'll like what we've created for you.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Ready-To-Drink Bourbon Cocktail

"An incredible sweet and spicy aroma filled the air as soon as I opened the can. Smells like grandma is baking an apple pie. Mmmmm."
"Remarkably well balanced flavors. While I would have liked to taste the bourbon just a little bit more, the harmony between the sweet, spice, and sour was perfect as the apple, cinnamon, and lemon played very nicely with one another."
"The brand's description pretty well sums it up. Like a spicy apple cider warmed up by the bourbon and a little bit of zest from the lemon. Very unique and very tasty flavor combination. Extremely well done!"

"So savory without being overly sweet and has a nice, tart finish like a cider. And speaking of which, if you're a cider lover who dabbles in whiskeys, you'll absolutely love this pre-mixed bourbon cocktail. So good."

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RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
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