GoodDays "Better Nights" Vodkarita

GoodDays Better Nights VodkaRita Canned Cocktail

FROM THE BRAND: Everything's Better with a Refreshing Vodka-Rita! There’s a saying that “all roads lead to Rome.” It’s a classic phrase and today it means there are many ways to achieve the same result. For us, GoodDays and Better Nights start with vodka - one of the most versatile cocktail spirits. Our take on a vodka-rita was made to fill your cooler for any occasion at any time of day. Whether you’re headed to the golf course for an early morning tee time, catching a late night show, or kickin’ it with some friends in the middle of the day, this drink is the perfect fit for any occasion.

Authenticity and premium quality are at the core of everything GoodDays Canned Cocktails does. We are a Classic Cocktail brand, created in a convenient ready-to-drink format, to meet the need for a quality pre-mixed cocktail on any occasion.

What Our Test Panel Said About This Vodka Margarita In A Can

"I could smell a fantastic sweet and citrusy lime aroma as soon as soon as I opened the can, and the perfect amount of bubbles politely presented themselves as I poured over ice."

"This vodkarita is really, really good. Not too sweet like you might find in some traditional margaritas, and I love the nice touch of carbonation that makes this cocktail sparkle."

"Imagine a traditional marg, but swap the tequila for vodka and add a splash of seltzer and, voila! A well done and great-tasting version of a sparkling margarita."

"The use of Agave nectar is ideal for this drink as it gives a nice, subtle sweetness without becoming overly sweet  which can sometimes happens when using Triple Sec. It's kind of like a sweet vodka soda with lime, but also like a lighter version of a sparkling vodka margarita. Either way, it's one super tasty and refreshing cocktail!"

Where To Buy GoodDays Canned Vodkarita Cocktails

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
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