GoodDays "Porch Swing" Sea Breeze

GoodDays "Porch Swing" Sea Breeze Canned Cocktail

FROM THE BRAND: This is Not Your Grandparent's Sea Breeze! We’ve been crushing them since the 80’s and there’s something classic about vodka, cranberry and grapefruit. Almost makes you feel healthy drinking one. For us, it takes our minds to the beach, lake, pool, or any body of water that is refreshing to jump in and peaceful to sit by while watching a sunset. Any day that involves a Porch Swing is a Good Day!

Authenticity and premium quality are at the core of everything GoodDays Canned Cocktails does. We are a Classic Cocktail brand, created in a convenient ready-to-drink format, to meet the need for a quality pre-mixed cocktail on any occasion.

What Our Test Panel Said About This Sea Breeze Canned Cocktail

"A pleasant and fruity cranberry aroma with just a hint of grapefruit filled the air around me when I opened the can. And the pink color of this ready-to-drink sea breeze is so beautiful and very appealing."

"The fragrances from this RTD vodka, cranberry, and grapefruit cocktail are fantastic. The smells gets even better once poured as the carbonation's playful effervescence spreads the succulent scents even more."

"Delicious up front vodka and cranberry flavor that ends delightfully with a light and airy grapefruit finish. Nice amount of carbonation to make it interesting without overdoing it and making you feel bloated. So good!"

"If you like sea breezes, you'll love this cocktail. If you like a vodka & cranberry aka a Cape Codder, you'll love this cocktail. If you like cocktails, you'll love this cocktail!"

Where To Buy GoodDays Canned Sea Breeze Cocktails

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this gold medal winning sea breeze in a can? For more information about GoodDays authentic premium canned cocktails and where to find this ready-to-drink premixed sea breeze cocktail, please visit their website at
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