Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Sangria

From the Brand: The perfect combination of fruit and spice, this take on the beloved Spanish sparkling bev from Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Wine is delicious and familiar without being overly sweet. As is the Grüvi, we've improved upon our latest batch #3, adding more flavors and aromas that are lost in the alcohol-removal, this bev is now less than 0.5% abv wine. This limited edition Sangria has bright notes of blood orange, red currant and blueberry, which are balanced with a warm touch of cinnamon and clove. When you crack open your first can, try to spend a little extra time sippin’ — pay attention to the unique balance of flavors and the way the wine feels in your mouth.

Ingredients: De-alcoholized California red wine, spring water, riesling grape juice concentrate, natural flavors, tartaric acid. Gluten-free, dairy-free, alcohol-free, and vegan. 50 calories per can.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Non-Alcoholic Canned Sangria

"A lovely, fruity bouquet presents itself for your enjoyment as soon as you open the can. Rich, flavorful red wine flavor with all of the accompanying flavors and aromas you'd expect to find in a quality sangria. Superb!"
"I absolutely loved the addition of some carbonation to this sangria. The already excellent wine flavor was elevated to another level by the playful bubbles in this canned sangria. A very fun and tasty drink."
"I have to echo the sentiment about the carbonation. A sparkling sangria is a personal favorite of mine and this version did not disappoint. The bubbles were not overly aggressive at all, and served to further enhance the overall taste of this alcohol free ready-to-drink wine."

"Fantastic and authentic flavors galore in this sangria! From the quality of the alcohol removed wine to the breadth and complexity of the spices, Grüvi did an outstanding job in delivering a premium canned version of this incredibly popular wine cocktail."

Where To Buy Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Sangria

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
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