Horton Coconut Rum & Pineapple Soda

Horton Coconut Rum & Pineapple Soda

FROM THE BRAND: Smooth rum, coconut, pineapple juice, crisp carbonation, natural flavors, and artificial sweeteners. Made with real rum, 7% ABV, and packed with flavor. You don't need sunshine for a fun time.

Horton Ready-To-Drink Cocktails, created by lifestyle influencer, Krista Horton, are the ultimate drink for every occasion - from girl's nights in to hangin at the lake with your fav people. With every sip, you'll feel the warm sun on your skin and the cool breeze in your hair.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Rum & Pineapple Canned Cocktail

"Succulent and sweet pineapple aroma that is accentuated by this coconut rum cocktail's playful carbonation. Yummy!"

"Very sweet tasting, which is exactly what you'd expect from a rum & pineapple RTD cocktail. Good use of artificial sweetener for this option as these might be a gazillion calories otherwise. Pineapple juice flavor without all the sugar!"

"Rum and soda ready-to-drink cocktails aren't as common as some other combinations, but this is a good one. Love the combination of sweet coconut rum and pineapple flavors."

"Rum and pineapple are just meant to go together. Sprinkle in some coconut for good measure and you're feeling some sparkling Piña colada vibes from this one. Very enjoyable."

Where To Buy Horton Rum And Soda Canned Cocktails

RTD Magazine Silver Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this silver medal winning rum and soda cocktail? For more information about Horton ready-to-drink cocktails and where to find their coconut rum and pineapple soda, visit their website at www.DrinkHorton.com.
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