Junglee Green Mango Smash

Junglee Green Mango Smash RTD Cocktail

From the Brand: The Green Mango Smash from Junglee Indian Inspired Craft Cocktails is sweet, tangy, and hugely refreshing. By infusing Aam panna with vodka, we have transformed this drink into the perfect summer cocktail. Aam panna’s cooling qualities make it a perfect drink for long hot summers.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Ready-To-Drink Vodka Cocktail

"As soon as I opened the can I was warmly welcomed by a beautiful toasted spice aroma. That essence transcends throughout the entire drink as well, with each sip accurately delivering the same flavors which I detected in its fragrance. A simply wonderful mango cocktail!"

"I loved this drink's sweet green mango flavor that was flawlessly balanced out by the tart and spicy notes from the lime and cumin. Some pre-mixed cocktails overdo it on the spice by using an element of pepper, but Junglee's use of aromatic spices instead provides the perfect amount of tangy without overwhelming your palate."

"If you like the flavorful and savory spices used in Indian cuisine, you'll absolutely love these canned cocktails from Junglee. The masterful combination of flavors and use of premium spirits make for a very enjoyable drinking experience."

"I really enjoyed the sweet upfront flavors that were followed in a most pleasant way by a delicate but discernable cumin flavor. Not too little, not too much, but the ideal amount to enhance this cocktail's already superb flavor profile. I could drink these again and again."

Where To Buy Junglee Indian Inspired Craft Cocktails

RTD Magazine Platinum Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this platinum medal winning RTD vodka cocktail? For more information about Junglee and where to find their premium Indian Inspired canned cocktails, visit their website at www.DrinkJunglee.com
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