Junglee Indian Spiced Lemonade

Junglee Indian Spiced Lemonade RTD Cocktail
From the Brand: This Indian Spiced Lemonade from Junglee Indian Inspired Craft Cocktails is sour and spicy and made with aromatic spices, including roasted cumin, ginger, and the special ingredient, lemon juice. We have paired Shikanji with vodka to give you a zesty kick and a cool down from the summer sun. Shikanji is sold by every street vendor in Northern India, and Shikanji zingy lemonade is a refreshing summer favorite.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Ready-To-Drink Lemonade Cocktail

"Wow, what a refreshing change! Not only did Junglee create something totally different from virtually every other RTD out there, they also made it taste delicious. An A+ hard lemonade that's made with real vodka, too."

"The introduction of Indian-inspired spices really takes the flavor profile of this vodka lemonade cocktail to a whole new level. A whole new universe. I didn't know that I needed toasted spices in my spiked lemonade until now. And now I know. Fantastic!"

"The orchestra of flavors and aromas you'll find in this canned cocktail cannot be overstated. The lemon, ginger, and cumin are the perfect symphony, expertly complementing each other as they perform. I could play these on repeat all day long."

"The can and branding is perfect for conveying the intricate flavors that await you inside. Very unique experience to the palate and one you will enjoy for sure. The sweet lemon component provides the savory while the cumin and ginger provide a pleasant spiciness to the finish. Think of a Lemonade Moscow Mule but with an Indian twist. A phenomenal ready-to-drink vodka cocktail!"

Where To Buy Junglee Indian Inspired Craft Cocktails

RTD Magazine Platinum Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this platinum medal winning RTD lemonade cocktail? For more information about Junglee and where to find their premium Indian Inspired canned cocktails, visit their website at www.DrinkJunglee.com
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