Lake Hour Peach Jasmine Premium Vodka Cocktail

Lake Hour Peach Jasmine Premium Vodka Cocktail

FROM THE BRAND: Fresh peach with a touch of floral jasmine for a fruity and balanced beverage. Made with 6X distilled vodka, real peach, real jasmine, and sparkling water. Real spirits. Real ingredients. Real good times. 5% ABV. 109 calories. 3.4g pure cane sugar.

Howdy! Rich Peete and Wyatt Russell here. We’re the founders of Lake Hour. Usually, you can find us on set: Rich is a producer, and Wyatt’s that actor you know from that one thing. On a recent trip, we realized that beers just don’t go down like they used to. So, we decided to create the world’s most delicious, dad-bod-resistant cocktail in a can. We came up with four unique, easy-to-drink flavors made with real fruit juices and premium spirits as smooth as the weekday waters of Lake Cayuga. They’re herbal, floral, and most importantly, subtle. No candy flavors. No malt liquor. No bullshit. Lake Hour is rugged, yet classy — like Alan Jackson water skiing in jeans. Perfect for enjoying on the lake, in the woods, by the fire, sunset cruising, canoeing, canoodling, kite surfing, bocce balling, dancing, clubbing, and wedding-ing. Bottom line? Lake Hour is perfect for whatevering. So whether you’re on the dock sharing a case from your grandad’s cooler, or chilling with your buds at home, let us bring that sit-back-and-sip camaraderie to you. Crack one open, and enjoy Lake Hour: where the essence of time is only measured in sunsets.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Canned Vodka Soda

"A gentle peach aroma seeped from the can when I popped the top, and the fragrance opened up nicely once I poured the liquid in to my glass for tasting. I really enjoyed the lighter peach scent and flavor in this RTD."

"I enjoyed the friendly peach flavor followed by the floral finish. Some peach cocktails go too far with the flavor and it starts to get a funny aftertaste, but I found this peach flavored vodka soda in a can to be quite good."

"Just a simple and nicely done sparkling canned cocktail. Light fragrance and light flavors equals light and refreshing!"

"Not overly carbonated which made it easy to enjoy (and easy to enjoy more than one). Very polite flavors and finish and a good lighter drink option for time spent outdoors."

Where To Buy Lake Hour Canned Vodka Cocktails

RTD Magazine Silver Medal Winner
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