Margaret Spicy Mezcal & Cucumber

Margaret Spicy Mezcal & Cucumber Cocktail

From the Brand: This Spicy Mezcal & Cucumber Ultra Premium Agave Spirit Cocktail from Margaret Cocktails is made with Mezcal Blanco (Espadín), all natural cold-pressed juices (cucumber, lime & jalapeño), and agave nectar. With our clean-label approach, we want to provide the best experience for you to enjoy fresh agave spirits cocktails wherever you go. SHAKE. POUR. ENJOY.

Who is Margaret? Ready-to-Serve agave-based specialty cocktails made with all natural cold-pressed juices and the most advanced food technology, helping preserve the fruit to provide the freshest cocktail imaginable. Refreshing, preservative-free, and with unparalleled flavors. 

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Spicy Mezcal Bottled Cocktail

"Refreshing and cool cucumber aroma immediately upon opening with just a hint of spicy scents. Smells like a spiked and spicy spa water that will melt all your troubles away. Tastes like it, too!"

"The sweet, spicy, tart, and cool (as a cucumber) flavors are all there — easily discernable to the nose as well as the palate — with each one cooperating in perfect harmony. This is a well-balanced mezcal cocktail that was skillfully crafted and executed by Margaret's mixologists."

"I absolutely loved the smoky essence the chili juice added to the flavors of this bottled cocktail. It complements the jalapeño's spiciness perfectly and adds an extra component to the hotter notes in this drink. Muy caliente!"

"If you like spice then this one's nice. In a sea of spicy tequila and agave spirits-based cocktails finding their way to market, this version from Margaret really stands out above the rest. Is it hot? Yes, exactly as you'd expect. But is also has such complex flavor combinations that it's an absolute pleasure to enjoy. Specialty spicy marg vibes all day long. Five jalapeños! 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶"

Where To Buy Margaret Ultra Premium Agave Cocktails

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
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