Mimosa Royale Berry Canned Mimosa

Mimosa Royale Berry Canned Mimosa

FROM THE BRAND: One note hits you in the beginning, one note in the middle, and one note in the end. Leaving a satiny, vibrant, petillant, moderately sweet light-to-medium body and a seamless, easy finish. A fun and light-hearted Mimosa for all activities.

Mimosa Royale is a ready to drink mimosa made with light white California Wine combined with the refreshing taste of natural fruit. The secret is our sweet and light-bodied mix of different Muscat Wines, then adding only the best 100% natural juice there is in the world, blended to make our proprietary mix for the perfect canned flavored wine.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Berry Flavored Mimosa In A Can

"Delightful berry scent as soon as I opened the can which led to an appealing pinkish orange liquid as I poured over ice and in to my glass."

"I don't want to age myself, but this ready to drink mimosa totally gave me first generation wine cooler vibes from waaaay back in the day...and I mean that in the best possible way. Very good!"

"Sweet berry fragrance to go along with a sweet berry flavor. Sometimes mixed berry flavored drinks give off an artificial smelling scent but this one smells like real berries from start to finish."

"A solid ready to drink mimosa that actually tastes like the flavor on the package and that you can drink anytime or anywhere."

Where To Buy Mimosa Royale Pre Made Canned Mimosas

RTD Magazine Silver Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this silver medal winning berry flavored premixed mimosa in a can? For more information about Mimosa Royale canned wine cocktails and where to find their ready-to-drink mimosas, visit their website at www.DrinkMimosa.com.
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