Post Meridiem Old Fashioned

Post Meridiem Spirits Old Fashioned

From the Brand: Widely recognized as the first cocktail, the old fashioned is a go-to cocktail for bourbon lovers. The Post Meridiem Spirits Double Old Fashioned is a three ounce pour of bourbon straight from the barrel, a blend of three bitters, and demerara syrup with a hint of orange zest. A bold cocktail for any adventure.

Straight Bourbon Whiskey – 3 oz.
Blend of Three Bitters – 4 dashes.
Demerara Syrup – 1/3 oz.
Orange Zest Oil

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Ready-To-Drink Old Fashioned Cocktail

"This pre-mixed double old fashioned may come in a tiny package, but it most definitely packs the punch of a giant! Weighing in at 37% ABV and 74 proof, you can expect an extra-strength experience from this small but mighty cocktail. Strong, sweet, and spicy sipping awaits you."

"Many RTD old fashioned cocktails miss the mark with a noticeable imbalance between the sweetness of the syrup and the bitters and citrus required to cut some of that sweetness. This is not one of those instances. Post Meridiem has absolutely nailed the recipe for an exceptional canned old fashioned using the perfect mix of rich bourbon flavor expertly complimented by the just right amount of delightfully tart bitters, sinfully sweet syrup, and tangy citrus notes."

"When I first tested this pre-made old fashioned, I was perplexed as the fragrance was spot on but the cocktail itself was light-tasting and didn't align with its aroma. Upon investigating, I discovered that some of the syrup had remained at the bottom of the can from my chilling too cold before sampling. I resampled using another room temperature can, shook lightly, poured over ice, and wow, what a difference! You, too, will enjoy a remarkable and nearly perfect old fashioned cocktail if you do as I say (and as the can says) and not as I did: Store in a cool place. Shake can. Pour over ice."

"The can is small and somewhat understated, but the liquid inside boasts huge flavors along with an incredible flavor accuracy that can rival the best hand-crafted old fashioned cocktails. From the bourbon to the bitters and the syrup to the zest, this ready-to-serve old fashioned checks all of the boxes, with authority. If you enjoy the finer things and appreciate all that comes with savoring a well-made classic cocktail, this one's for you."

Where To Buy Post Meridiem Spirits RTD Old Fashioned Cocktails

RTD Magazine Platinum Medal Winner
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