SABÉ Moscow Mule

SABE Beverages Moscow Mule Ready-To-Drink Cocktail

From the Brand: Made using vodka-infused saké, the SABÉ Beverages Moscow Mule takes its distinctive character from a handcrafted ginger beer recipe, carefully designed to accentuate the drink's spice profile as its carbonation gradually unveils a symphony of flavors and aromas. Each serving of this gluten-free, all-natural canned cocktail contains 143 calories, 10.6 grams of sugar, and 12.8 grams carbs to go along with a 13.1% ABV.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Spicy Ready-To-Drink Vodka Cocktail

"An excellent Moscow Mule in the convenience of a premixed package. Pour over ice and add a sprig of mint and you'd think you just paid $16 for a hand-crafted cocktail at your favorite restaurant."

"The ginger flavor has spectacular balance and not too spicy like one might encounter in some Mule cocktails. The hint of lime flavoring is authentic and not overpowering whatsoever. Fantastic drink!"

"This will now be a staple when entertaining. Why make my guests mix their own drink when they can easily enjoy this version? Very accurate flavors which are hard to find in some pre-made offerings of this classic cocktail recipe."

"Finally, a truly authentic tasting Moscow Mule in a can. Just missing the copper mug!"

Where To Buy SABÉ Beverages Moscow Mule RTD Vodka Cocktails

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
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