Saint Spritz Amalfi Spritz

Saint Spritz Amalfi Canned Italian Spritz Cocktail

FROM THE BRAND: If you want to experience the essence of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Saint Spritz has got good news! Introducing our sweet, bitter, perfectly crafted orange spritz: Amalfi in a can. With a lush orange color and bright, vivid flavor, the Saint Spritz Amalfi is the coast-in-a-can that takes you places—and goes with you, too. Ditch the added sugar. Skip the dyes. Crack your can and we’re spritzin! Cin Cin!

Created by JoJo Fletcher, her brother, Ben Patton, and Mallory Patton, Saint Spritz is a line of handcrafted Italian spritzes in a can. After a summer spent exploring Europe and sampling spritzes at every port, we found ourselves recreating that famous bright, bitter aperitivo with friends. Lugging around a bar cart of ingredients got old, and so did wasting an entire bottle of prosecco if we went for a solo spritz. We wanted ours ready to drink, in a can we could toss in a beach bag. And we wanted it to taste delicious. So we left out all the artificial colors and flavors we saw in the market, and we made our own. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Like a sunset, a spritz is best shared with friends.

What Our Test Panel Said About This Amalfi Inspired Orange Spritz

"A refreshingly light and subtle orange aroma greeted my senses the moment I cracked the can. Pouring in to my glass only enhanced the experience as the zesty carbonation continued to permeate the fragrance throughout the air, further invigorating the sensation. I was instantly transported to the Italian coast before I even took my first sip. A lovely spritz."

"A great representation of the iconic Amalfi Spritz famously enjoyed by so many while on their Mediterranean holidays. An excellent level of sweetness combined with the desired amount of bitterness makes this orange spritz in a can a must try for wine and spritz lovers alike."

"Wonderful floral notes and a floral finish balance out the sweet and bitter components of this high quality canned orange spritz quite nicely. I've never been to the Amalfi coast, but if more of this is what's waiting for me then sign me up!"

"So light and refreshing and a total pleasure to drink. I loved that I could taste the full range of flavors from the orange sweetness, to the flowery notes, and the just right amount of bitterness. And the level of bubbles was just perfect and made all of those flavors even better. Ciao bella!"

Where To Buy Saint Spritz Handcrafted Amalfi Spritz

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner

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