Saint Spritz Hugo Spritz

Saint Spritz Hugo Canned Italian Spritz Cocktail

FROM THE BRAND: A delightful blend of floral sweetness, zesty lime, and a gentle hint of mint. As Instagrammable as it is delicious, the Saint Spritz Hugo is sure to impress your guests. Ditch the bar cart, crack your can, and we're spritzin!

Created by JoJo Fletcher, her brother, Ben Patton, and Mallory Patton, Saint Spritz is a line of handcrafted Italian spritzes in a can. After a summer spent exploring Europe and sampling spritzes at every port, we found ourselves recreating that famous bright, bitter aperitivo with friends. Lugging around a bar cart of ingredients got old, and so did wasting an entire bottle of prosecco if we went for a solo spritz. We wanted ours ready to drink, in a can we could toss in a beach bag. And we wanted it to taste delicious. So we left out all the artificial colors and flavors we saw in the market, and we made our own. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Like a sunset, a spritz is best shared with friends.

What Our Test Panel Said About This Elderflower & Lime Canned Italian Spritz Cocktail

"Immediately upon opening, amazing sweet and floral fragrances escaped from the can and filled the surrounding air like a springtime bloom. And the color? Oh my goodness. The lovely lilac purple color I saw when I poured in to my glass is to die for and so pretty that I had to take a picture! 😍"

"The already appealing aromas open up even further and quite nicely when poured in to a glass and over ice. When you smell the floral and herbal scents and see the eye-popping light purple and bubbly liquid, you'll barely be able to contain yourself and want to dive right in to that first sip. And I'm happy to report that the first sip is fantastic as is the last. So good...Saint Spritz, please send more!"

"Travel to the Italian coast when you can, but in the meantime, this canned Italian spritz cocktail will take your taste buds on a trip to remember. Sweet wine flavors enhanced by playful bubbles marry perfectly with the tart sweetness of the lime, followed by a delightful floral finish courtesy of the elderflower with just a kiss of mint for good measure. Fantastico!"

"Remarkable range and balance of flavors and aromas in this exceptionally refreshing cocktail. Saint Spritz has masterfully crafted a flavor profile that many spritz drinkers will find enjoyable. Pleasantly bitter qualities present themselves for those accustomed to some of the more traditionally-known styles, while the elderflower provides for a floral sweetness — without being overly sweet — appealing to those who like to dabble in some of the Limoncello and sweeter types. Wonderfully done."

Where To Buy Saint Spritz Italian Spritz Cocktails In A Can

RTD Magazine Platinum Medal Winner

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