Seven Days Cocktail Co. Cara Cara Orange Old Fashioned

Seven Days Cocktail Co. Cara Cara Orange Old Fashioned

FROM THE BRAND: This is our take on the venerable classic, Old Fashioned cocktail. We used a smooth Bourbon Whiskey, complimented by our House-Made Fig Bitters and Cara Cara Orange zest for a combination of ingredients that creates a deep and rich flavor profile, elevating this instantly recognizable Old Fashioned to new levels. A spirit forward cocktail that leaves subtle, sweet and citrusy flavors lingering on the taste buds. WHAT’S INSIDE: Whiskey Bourbon, House-Made Fig Bitters, and Fresh Cara Cara Orange Zest. HOW TO SERVE: It's an Old Fashioned after all, so grab a heavy rocks glass & simply pour over a rock. Garnish with an orange twist for the ultimate classic cocktail experience.

Seven Days Cocktail Co. is a fully licensed distillery based in Orange County, CA that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets delicious premium farm-fresh ready-to-serve ("RTS") cocktails. Each with their own sense of style and taste. Our distillery started with the idea that people want bar-quality cocktails in places where there's no bartender to deliver them, beginning with places like hotel mini-bars, airlines, concert venues, and sports stadiums. That trend has been further amplified with the emergence of the "home premise." At home, cocktail-ing and cocktails to-go have accelerated to unforeseen levels, and the shift will be long-lasting.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Bottled Old Fashioned

"The perfect blended fragrance of bourbon whiskey and sweet orange tipped its hat to me as soon as I removed the cork top. The aroma got even better as I poured this ready to drink Old Fashioned in to my glass and over ice. Stupendous!"

"If I garnished with an orange, zested, and added a cherry, I could take these to my favorite bistro and sell them from behind the bar for $20 each. An incredibly flavorful bar-quality Old Fashioned. Extraordinarily well done."

"I mean, it has everything you'd expect from an expertly crafted Old Fashioned and then some. The blend of ingredients is spot on and the use of Cara Cara Oranges makes the sweetness pop. If there was something higher than a platinum medal this RTD cocktail would win that award all day long."

"The range of flavors is very impressive with each easily discerned by the palate. Premium bourbon. Orange. Bitters. A little enhanced sweetness from the fig. A simply incredible premade Old Fashioned."

Where To Buy Seven Days Cocktail Co. Pre-Mixed Old Fashioned

RTD Magazine Platinum Medal Winnter
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