Seven Days Cocktail Co. Pineapple Daiquiri

Seven Days Cocktail Co. Pineapple Daiquiri

FROM THE BRAND: Pineapple takes center stage in this venerable classic cocktail. Nearly every component of the pineapple is utilized to create a multi-dimensional pineapple forward cocktail experience. Depth and complexity is the result of our house-made herbaceous mint cordial which brings familiar notes found in traditional Italian Amari. The bitter-sweet flavor of the cordial pairs perfectly with the house-made pineapple rum to deliver a well balanced and refreshing drinking experience. WHAT’S INSIDE: House-Made Pineapple Rum, House-Made Mint Cordial, House-Made Pineapple Tea, and Fresh Lime. HOW TO SERVE: Shaken in a cocktail tin, over ice… get creative!

Seven Days Cocktail Co. is a fully licensed distillery based in Orange County, CA that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets delicious premium farm-fresh ready-to-serve ("RTS") cocktails. Each with their own sense of style and taste. Our distillery started with the idea that people want bar-quality cocktails in places where there's no bartender to deliver them, beginning with places like hotel mini-bars, airlines, concert venues, and sports stadiums. That trend has been further amplified with the emergence of the "home premise." At home, cocktail-ing and cocktails to-go have accelerated to unforeseen levels, and the shift will be long-lasting.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Bottled Daiquiri

"A remarkable and wonderfully sweet pineapple aroma immediately filled the whole room as soon as I uncorked this premade daiquiri. Just what I was wanting to smell. The depth of flavor was also quite impressive."
"Incredible tropical flavor from the pineapple and a nice complexity to the flavors from the addition of mint, tea, and lime. One of the very best ready-to-drink pineapple daiquiris I've ever had, no doubt."

"This pineapple daiquiri in a bottle did not disappoint. Rich, complete flavors and I loved the little touch of bitterness I got from the lime and tea to help offset the pineapple's sweetness."
"The mixologists at Seven Days deserve their own award after creating this winner. It's not easy to take such a sweet cocktail and then have it deliver an expansive range of tastes to the palate, but this is exactly what they've done. Normally you see pineapple, you smell pineapple, you taste pineapple, and that's it. Not the case here at all. It's full of flavors that perfectly complement one another each and every sip."

Where To Buy Seven Days Cocktail Co. Pineapple Daiquiri

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
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