sip Torne. Espresso Martini

sip Torne. Espresso Martini

From the Brand: The sip Torne canned RTD espresso martini boasts a bold and invigorating flavor profile, featuring the rich combination of arabica espresso and premium vodka, accentuated by a subtle touch of vanilla and caramelized brown sugar. sip Torne. offers a delightful drinking experience that is both robust and smooth.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Ready-To-Drink Vodka & Coffee Cocktail

"Outstanding espresso flavor balanced perfectly by a touch of vanilla and brown sugar sweetness, resulting in a creamy and smooth drinking experience. Very well done!"

"A word not often associated with most coffee-flavored cocktails is 'refreshing,' but that's exactly what this ready-to-drink delight delivers. A delicious yet very sessionable canned espresso martini most definitely worth celebrating."

"Perhaps most impressive with this espresso martini is its versatility. It's rich but still silky smooth. It's creamy and yet somehow incredibly refreshing at the same time. If there was ever a recipe for a successful RTD, this is it."

"The complexity of this drink's flavors is remarkable. A combination of indulgent espresso and sweet vanilla flawlessly coalesce with a creamy texture and light finish to create this masterpiece. Quite possibly the best RTD we've ever tested."

Where To Buy sip Torne. RTD Espresso Martini Cocktails

RTD Magazine Platinum Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this platinum medal winning ready-to-drink cocktail? For more information about sip Torne. and where to find their premium canned espresso martinis, visit the sip Torne. website at
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