Siponey Spritz Royale

Siponey Spritz Royale Ready-To-Drink Cocktail

From the Brand: Siponey Spritz Co.'s whiskey Royale is our signature canned cocktail, drawing its inspiration from the timeless Highball, featuring the vibrant combination of mature rye whiskey, zesty lemon juice, and a hint of honey sweetness, all working in symphony with an enjoyable level of carbonation. Siponey Spritz Co. also commits 2% of revenues annually to non-profit environmentalists around the world and is dedicated to saving honeybees, one can at a time.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Bubbly Ready-To-Drink Rye Whiskey Cocktail

"If you fancy a whiskey ginger or whiskey sour, then prepare to be wowed by this cocktail. The whiskey flavor, playful bubbles, and tones of lemon combined with the just right touch of honey takes this flavor-packed cocktail to a whole new level."

"Starts out smooth with a distinguishable rye whiskey flavor and a pleasant level of carbonation. The not-too-sweet honey finish was a bonus and quite delightful."

"Rich taste throughout every sip with each flavor unmistakably presenting itself to the palate. A welcomed introduction to the taste buds for sure."

"Such a unique flavor profile created by the utilization of honey. The familiar flavors danced harmoniously with the addition of nature's perfect sweetener to create a near flawless pairing."

Where To Buy Siponey Spritz Royale RTD Whiskey Cocktails

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this gold medal winning pre-mixed cocktail? For more information about Siponey Spritz Co. and where to find their Royale Whiskey Spritz canned cocktails, visit the Siponey Spritz website at
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