Suerte Tequila Canned Sparkling Margarita

Suerte Tequila Canned Margarita

FROM THE BRAND: The Suerte Tequila Margarita is fresh lime juice, sparkling spring water, and pure, 100% Agave Tequila made the old way. Hey, if you’re going to have a Margarita, might as well make it a perfect one.

Suerte Tequila Canned Cocktails are made using 100% Blue Weber Suerte Tequila hand crafted in Mexico, all natural ingredients, and sparkling water. Hand-crafted, vegan, gluten free, and perfected.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Canned Margarita

"When I opened the can, the most tangy and sweet lime aroma introduced itself and piqued my interest for the flavors to follow. And that tangy and sweet lime danced flawlessly with the just right amount of Tequila to tickle my taste buds."

"As far as RTD margaritas go, this is a great take. I really like the addition of carbonation to this margarita canned cocktail and the well balanced flavors of citrus and Tequila."

"Love this drink. It's like my favorite Ranch Water and favorite canned Margarita had a baby. Sweet but light and refreshing...and you can still taste the Tequila!"

"The rustic, authentic, and earthy flavor from the premium Suerte Tequila used in this ready-to-drink Margarita really shines through. Sometimes sparkling Margaritas end up tasting like an overly sweet hard seltzer, but this one is an exception to the rule. Sweet, sparkle, and citrus all play well together in a fiesta of flavor."

Where To Buy Suerte Tequila Pre-made Margarita In A Can

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
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