Suerte Tequila Ranch Water Canned Cocktail

Suerte Tequila Ranch Water Canned Cocktail

FROM THE BRAND: Suerte Tequila Ranch Water is clean, crisp happiness in a can. Sparkling, fizzy spring water (please don’t call it seltzer) and pure, 100% Agave Tequila made the old way. Pour it over ice and you’re in Mexico.

Suerte Tequila Canned Cocktails are made using 100% Blue Weber Suerte Tequila hand crafted in Mexico, all natural ingredients, and sparkling water. Hand-crafted, vegan, gluten free, and perfected.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Tequila Ranch Water Cocktail

"You can smell the premium quality Tequila as soon as you open the can. Many canned ranch waters present like a flavored seltzer and you can't even detect the slightest bit of Tequila (if they're even made with real Tequila in the first place). This is a top notch Tequila cocktail without question."

"Crystal clear liquid with exquisite carbonation. The pureness of the Tequila and water really stand out and make this an absolute rock star of a ranch water."

"Not just ranch waters, but so many RTD Tequila cocktails in general miss the Tequila part completely. They say it's in there but you can't smell or taste it. Suerte didn't hold back in that department as the high-end Tequila aroma and flavor that Tequila lovers want are found in abundance in this canned cocktail."

"Canned ranch water can be almost anything these days and you'll find several with additional flavors. And while many traditional ranch water cocktails include lime juice as one of the ingredients, this one from Suerte is spectacularly simple: premium 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila and sparkling spring water. The earthy flavors of the Tequila and water are so elevated that they can stand alone without any juice and still take home a platinum medal. It's that good. A phenomenal ranch water cocktail."

Where To Buy Suerte Tequila Canned Ranch Water

RTD Magazine Platinum Medal Winner
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