Thomas Ashbourne Cosmo

Thomas Ashbourne Cosmo by Sarah Jessica Parker

From the Brand: This colorful vodka cocktail from Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits is as flirty as it is fun. An explosion of sweet cranberry gives way to a hint of strawberry, all rounded out with an aroma of freshly squeezed lime and mixed with our smooth vodka. It’s everything a good Cosmo should be: Indulgently sweet, refreshingly tangy, and pink! All natural, gluten free, and Kosher. 20% alcohol by volume. 

What Our Testing Panel Said About The Perfect Cosmo By Sarah Jessica Parker Ready-To-Drink Vodka Cocktail

"A very light but pleasant and sweet cranberry aroma greeted me upon opening the beautifully appointed bottle. A light and airy cocktail perfect for sipping while waiting on your Mr. Big." ;-)

"All of the flavors and fragrances are there. The cranberry. The strawberry. And the hint of lime. They don't jump out at you, but instead discreetly present themselves for your consideration and enjoyment. Smooth and sessionable."

"The branding and packaging are both just so appealing and I especially love the bottle! So inviting and you definitely won't be disappointed once you discover what's waiting for you inside. Bottle or can, I'd feel fancy drinking these at a party...and there is something to be said for a brand that draws you in not only with the quality of their product, but also the positive feeling you get while holding it in your hand."

"A little lighter in color than you might expect compared to a traditional, bar-crafted Cosmopolitan, but the flavors are still masterfully balanced and united. Quite refreshing with no cranberry tartness whatsoever. A wonderful cosmo!"

Where To Buy Thomas Ashbourne RTD Cosmo Cocktails

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
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