Thomas Ashbourne The Classic Old Fashioned

Thomas Ashbourne Classic Old Fashioned

From the Brand: This bourbon cocktail from Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits is a new standard for the classic Old Fashioned. Our premium bourbon whisky cut with notes of bright orange bitters, sweet maplewood, and a hint of caramel makes for an unapologetically bold drink, every time. Ideal for elegantly swirling in an expensive whiskey glass or golden chalice. 

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Pre-Made Old Fashioned

"A lighter version of the cocktail but still flavorful. This would be a perfect pre-mixed Old Fashioned choice for someone who is new to the cocktail or who doesn't like the bolder flavors often associated with the classic concoction."

"I got many of the flavors and aromas I would expect from this cocktail, albeit in a gentler form. This isn't what you'd receive ordering at The Kentucky Derby, but it's a pleasant bottled Old Fashioned good for those seeking lighter drinks."

"The bottles and cans both look amazing and are very inviting in and of themselves. But once I opened the bottle I wasn't quite as excited. I won't say I was disappointed in this pre-made Old Fashioned, but it was definitely lighter than I was expecting. I agree with my other test panelists that this version is best suited for those who prefer their cocktails mixed on the lighter side."

"A hearty canned Old Fashioned coming in at 25% ABV. And I agree that it's on the fainter side of the spectrum, but it still did the trick and without some of the excessive sweet and bitter flavors you periodically get with a hand-crafted version. This would be a good everyday end-of-day cocktail without getting too fancy and breaking out your own bourbon, bitters, syrup, and garnish."

Where To Buy Thomas Ashbourne Bottled Old Fashioned Cocktail

RTD Magazine Bronze Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this bronze medal winning pre-mixed Old Fashioned cocktail? For more information and where to find The Classic Old Fashioned in a can or in a bottle, visit the Thomas Ashbourne website at
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