Tipsy Grapefruit Elderflower

Tipsy Grapefruit Elderflower RTD Wine Spritzer

From the Brand: Indulge in the refreshing allure of Tipsy Spritzers' Grapefruit Elderflower Wine Spritzer – a guilt-free delight that harmoniously blends grapefruit's zesty tang with the subtle sweetness of elderflower. This low-calorie, low-sugar, and low-sulfite sensation is sweetened with monk fruit, boasting only 1g of sugar and a mere 120 calories per 6% ABV can. Each sip is a burst of citrusy elegance, expertly crafted with a 5-6 ounce pour of wine, an organic low-sulfite white wine, sparkling mineral water, organic fruit and vegetable juices, and organic flavors. Revel in the flavor without compromise – no gluten, no preservatives, leaving you with less regrets.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Light & Effervescent Wine Spritzer Cocktail

"Sweet and dry on the palate, this would be a bubbly treat for wine lovers of the aforementioned flavor profile who want a little something extra. The interesting spectrum of flavors and relatively low ABV make this a very sessionable spritzer one could responsibly enjoy over the course of an evening."

"Subtle grapefruit and floral tones combine with a pleasant dry white wine aroma when you open the can. The bubbles make it seem familiar, as if you were taking in the fragrance of a brut Champagne but with light citrus and flowery accents."

"The nice level of carbonation and fruity flavor almost reminds me of a Prosecco or some drier white Moscatos I've enjoyed. An excellent choice for those who like their white wine with a little kick, which is exactly what the sweet yet feisty bubbles deliver."

"I really enjoyed the combination of flavors in this wine spritzer. While citrus and floral might not be everyone's favorite, I felt that the two balanced each other well and became even friendlier with one another when poured over ice."

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RTD Magazine Silver Medal Winner

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