Velvet Llama Moscow Mule

Velvet Llama Moscow Mule

From the Brand: More bite than a nibble. The Velvet Llama Premium Cocktails Moscow Mule in a can is made using Nigerian ginger extract, organic lime, and the highest quality malt for a crisp and cool cocktail experience. As professional bartenders with a curious spirit, we created Velvet Llama while dreaming up a way to bring you serious craft quality cocktails that don’t take themselves too seriously. The can you hold contains a premium quality cocktail made with the finest ingredients. 10% ABV per 8.4 oz/250 ml serving. 

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Canned Moscow Mule

"Excellent and inviting ginger fragrance completely fills the air upon opening and the aromas got me excited to take my first sip. Zesty and spicy flavor, just like a mule should have!"
"I really liked the deep ginger flavor in this premade Moscow Mule. The accuracy is very good, albeit a bit on the strong side. Still, a bubbly and bold tasting ready-to-drink cocktail that anyone who fancies the flavors of a mule will enjoy."
"Sparkling with a strong ginger scent and flavor. A little bit stronger than most bar-crafted mules I've had, but still quite enjoyable. This is a very well done version executed by the mixologists at Velvet Llama."

"For a cocktail made with malt-based brewed alcohol as opposed to the vodka that would be in the traditional recipe, this is still quite good. If you're a fan of the mule's taste and texture but don't care if an RTD uses real spirits or not, then the 10% ABV and ginger forward flavors make this a very good option."

Where To Buy The Velvet Llama Moscow Mule In A Can

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this gold medal winning canned Moscow Mule? For more information about Velvet Llama Premium Cocktails and where to find their ready-to-drink premixed Moscow Mule, visit their website at
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