Vodker Italian Spritz

Vodker Italian Spritz

From the Brand: Savor the true essence of Italy with Vodker, the exquisite blend of zesty orange flavor, sparkling wine notes, and the smoothness of 6x distilled premium vodka. Packaged in a stylish orange can, our carbonated creation delivers a refreshing experience with each sip. Crafted using pure cane sugar, it’s the perfect companion for your social gatherings, outdoor adventures, or simply unwinding after a long day.

VODKER ready to drink cocktails in a can started by active people who wanted a mixed cocktail while away from a restaurant or bar. On a sailboat, golfing ,or camping for instance. It’s hard to bring all the ingredients for a quality cocktail on the go. Thus, VODKER emerged as the solution — a meticulously crafted libation that offers convenience without compromising on taste.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Canned Italian Spritz

"An interesting take on an Italian spritz. If you like vodka — and I do — you'll like the addition of the spirit to this drink in place of sweeter, dry wine."

"At a robust 10% ABV and made with real spirits, it allows you to enjoy some of the essence of an Aperol style spritz, but with the bite of a fuller strength cocktail."

"While this canned spritz is made with cane sugar to provide its subtle sweetness, the overall sugar content seems to be very low (at least it tastes that way), and I can definitely appreciate brands trying to make alternate and adaptable cocktails in this space."

"A slightly different flavor profile than what I was expecting, but good nonetheless. Imagine the bitterness that's normally found in an Italian Spritz cocktail, but instead of being mellowed out by the sweetness of wine, it's enhanced with an extra kick from the vodka."

Where To Buy Vodker Ready-To-Drink Italian Spritz Cocktail

RTD Magazine Bronze Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this bronze medal winning pre-mixed orange spritz in a can? For more information and where to find Vodker Italian Spritz cocktails made with 6x distilled premium vodka, please visit their website at www.DrinkVodker.com.
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