Watertight Beach Margarita

Watertight Cocktails Beach Margarita Ready-To-Drink Cocktail

From the Brand: Watertight Cocktails Beach Margarita is a fun variation of the beloved classic. This tequila-inspired Margarita is crafted with 100% Blue Agave wine, genuine lime juice, the natural sweetness of agave nectar, and a touch of vibrant citrus from a splash of orange juice to create a refreshingly tropical twist on a timeless favorite.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Zesty Ready-To-Drink Tequila-Inspired Cocktail

"A good rendition of the original cocktail. While you won't detect the earthy flavors of real tequila, it's an enjoyable version nonetheless and quite sessionable at just 6% ABV."

"Solid Margarita flavors for a wine-based product. Definitely on the sweet side of the Margarita spectrum  which isn't completely unexpected  but waters down nicely when poured over ice."

"If you're in the Margarita mood but don't want the after effects of fiesta-ing too hard, this is a great choice. Good flavor and milder alcohol content makes this wine-based Margarita easy to enjoy over the course of an evening."

"Tastes pretty close to the real thing with bright and bold flavors. Lives up to its namesake as this would be a good canned cocktail to pack in your cooler for a day spent on the water or at the beach."

Where To Buy Watertight Cocktail Co. Beach Margarita RTD Tequila-Inspired Cocktails

RTD Magazine Silver Medal Winner

Want to learn more about this silver medal winning pre-made Margarita cocktail? For more information about Watertight Cocktail Co. and where to find their Beach Margarita canned cocktails, visit the Watertight Cocktail Co. website at https://watertightcocktails.com/.

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