RTD Cocktails Now Eligible For CBMAS Ready-To-Drink Marketing Awards

Craft Beer Marketing Awards

New York, NY – The Craft Beer Marketing Awards (CBMAS), fondly known as The Crushies, proudly commenced their 2024 Awards Season, marking a significant milestone in their fifth year of competition. The CBMAS is open for submissions from creative minds in the craft beverage industry worldwide, including craft beverage makers, their agencies, artists, and marketing partners. ENTRY DEADLINE: Feb 15, 2024

Beyond Beer: RTD Cocktails, Hard Seltzer, NA Cocktails & More

Acknowledging the expanding world of craft beverages, CBMAS invites entries from beyond craft beer, now hard seltzer, non-alcoholic beer, ready-to-drink cocktails (RTD), and cider/mead can compete exclusively within their own beverage type, and not against each other.

The judging process relies on a robust and transparent digital scoring system, assessed by a distinguished panel of more than 600 international experts in beverage, marketing, and design.

“We also did away with local regions, now every entry competes against others just like it, submitted from anywhere in the world.” Jim McCune, Co-founder, CBMAS, “I believe this change will fuel the creativity and innovation of an already fierce competition.”

Ready-To-Drink Cocktail Brand Managers Need Love, Too

Global Crushies are awarded exclusively to the top performer in each category, with Platinum and Gold Crushies recognizing those who achieve the next highest-rankings. The full list of categories can be explored on the official website under CBMAS Categories.

“DHL is proud sponsoring the CBMAS for the fifth consecutive year to recognize those who bring great marketing to life within our beverage industry.” Prabh Hans, DHL BevPros, Head of Kegs & Domestic Services, “It’s an honor to celebrate them through the Crushies.”

CBMAS has evolved into the first international awards program dedicated exclusively to recognizing the artistry and creative marketing and branding endeavors that beverage makers, designers, and agencies bring to the industry. These efforts play a pivotal role in distinguishing their products in a saturated retail marketplace.

In anticipation of the forthcoming awards, the next presentation will take place at the conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, scheduled for April.

Craft Beer Marketing Awards

The esteemed "Crushie" trophy  which can also be used as a fully functional tap handle  is a testament to the craftsmanship of our industry, and proudly manufactured here in the USA by the talented crew at Steel City Taps.

For more information and to enter your RTD cocktail brand in the Craft Beer Marketing Awards, please visit the official website at TheCrushies.com

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