META Hard Elixir Is Crafting A Disruptor

META Hard Elixir

AUSTIN, TX, April 22, 2024 -- META Hard Elixir™, a DISRUPTOR in the RTD market, is redefining taste and innovation with its unique proposition, "Taste for Thought's Sake!." Crafted by visionary entrepreneurs Roby and Jeana Wilson, META heralds a new era of creativity in the beverage industry.

META's brand voice is as bold as its flavors—dope, unique, engaging, and thought-provoking. It offers an experience beyond a mere alcoholic beverage, inviting consumers to embark on a sensory expedition that transcends the ordinary.

The journey of META Hard Elixir™ began while Roby was pursuing his MBA at the esteemed McCombs School of Business and while Jeana was completing her master's studies in Biomedical Nutrition. Their shared commitment to innovation and wellness laid the groundwork for META, a revolutionary alternative to conventional Ready-to-Drink (RTD) beverages that harmonizes taste with a healthier option.

“META is a testament to our commitment to health-conscious consumers. It is a gluten-free, carb-free, and sugar-free formulation, a refreshing departure from the sugary and calorie-laden options in the market. Packaged in sleek cans, each of the eight distinct flavors is a masterpiece, drawing inspiration from the vibrancy of life’s experiences.”

META Hard Elixir™ is crafted with premium ingredients, including sparkling water, clear, refined alcohol brew, phytonutrients, minerals, and botanicals and promises a guilt-free indulgence in every sip. Sweetened with a high-tech natural sweetener, each flavor profile boasts gluten-free, zero sugar, zero carbs, and 99 calories.

META Hard Elixir Rave

From love's first kiss to the tranquility of chill, each sip of META is a journey through the spectrum of human emotion. Recognized with Gold Medals for Flavor and Innovation, META epitomizes the company's ethos, "Taste for thought's sake!" Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and inspired by the richness of human experience, our elixirs transcend mere refreshment—they evoke feelings, memories, and moments. Whether you are savoring the tropical paradise of Bliss or embracing the fiery essence of Rage, META Hard Elixir™ promises a sensorial adventure unlike any other.

META is THE evolution in the RTD space that was inevitable. It is backed by extensive market validation testing prior to its retail formulation and availability on shelves today. Our flavor concepts and branding continually breathe new life into the brand, fostering innovation and engagement. With 88% of participants confirming our product is 'better tasting' than other RTDs, META is not just poised, but ready to dominate the market.

META will drive new customers and give existing customers access to a fun and innovative product. META offers unique bold flavors in both taste and proprietary flavor branding. META focuses on customer engagement and includes unique features… 5% abv, sugar brew, 99 calories, gluten-free, 0 carb/sugar with botanicals, healthy phytonutrients, and interactive digital assets. META's position is wildly different from any other RTD. META Hard Elixir...Taste For Thoughts Sake.

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