Oliver Winery Launches Ready-To-Drink Signature Cocktail Collection

Oliver Winery Ready-To-Drink Wine Cocktails

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Oliver Winery, one of the largest wineries in the US, is introducing its Signature Cocktail Collection, where classic, complex cocktails are reinvented into cocktail-inspired wines. Crafted with a crisp white wine base infused with real fruit flavors and natural botanicals, the new collection includes three unique varietals that are the perfect accessory to the summer season: Passion Fleurtini, Blossom Drop, and Peach Sangrini.

With a 13% ABV, these well-balanced and refreshing wines offer a fresh take on fan-favorite cocktails, boasting a delightful lightness and drinkability that’s quintessential for both casual sipping and special occasions. Just chill and enjoy. Or add a garnish and pour over ice for the cocktail experience.

Passion Fleurtini: Features the essence of passion fruit complemented by delicate notes of floral rosewater. Tropical yet tart, it is a great addition to light meals and summer snacks.

Blossom Drop: Hits the sweet spot between a French 75 and a sweet Bee's Knees cocktail with elderflower and lemon weaving through the spritz. The subtle swirls of honey pair well with summer snacks and charcuterie boards.

Peach Sangrini: Bursts with bright peach and lemon with hints of pineapple and mango. Just chill and enjoy at brunch or with a savory quiche.

“We worked hard to create a fun, craft cocktail taste with the nuance and complexity of a high quality wine. You can taste the elderflower and gin-like flavors in the Blossom Drop and the subtle rose in the Passion Fleurtini,” said Allison Meschter, Winemaker at Oliver Winery. “I love these for brunch, a casual patio evening, or even a gift.”

For over 50 years, Oliver Winery has upheld its dedication to offering a guilt-free indulgence at an affordable price, welcoming wine experts and novices to enjoy their offerings with enthusiasm and accessibility. Originally released as a sneak-peek in Oliver Winery's Bloomington, Ind. tasting room, the new collection of wines has quickly become a staple for visitors.

“We want to show our customers that wine can be approachable, while maintaining the highest quality,” said Julie Adams, CEO at Oliver Winery. “Rather than joining the crowded market of canned cocktails, we’re thinking differently. We see a gap in the ready-to-drink space for a more sophisticated experience. Sharing and serving remains just as effortless, but the flavors are a refreshing twist.”

Retailing at $13.99 a bottle, the Signature Cocktail Collection is now available in stores in Illinois, Indiana, and Texas, as well as online at oliverwinery.com with shipping to more than 30 states.

About Oliver Winery
Founded in 1972, Bloomington-based Oliver Winery has been bringing thoughtful and flavorful innovations to the sweet wine industry for 50 years. Named the 30th largest winery in the U.S. by Wine Business Monthly, Oliver is a national brand with rising demand. Accelerated growth in recent years has led Oliver to become a household name in 40 states. The winery was named to Shanken’s Market Watch “Impact HOT Brand List” three years in a row and qualified as a Blue Chip Brand in 2022. Oliver continues to stay true to its roots, producing refreshingly real, forward-thinking, approachable wines. Spend the day with us or visit oliverwinery.com to learn more.

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