Mission Cocktails Cosmopolitan

Mission Craft Cocktails Cosmopolitan

From the Brand: The perfect long-day remedy. A premium vodka cocktail infused with fresh cucumber. Made with orange liqueur, cranberry juice, and hints of rosemary, pink peppercorn, and grapefruit. Serve it chilled over ice, with a garnish if you’re feeling fancy. Mission Craft Cocktails gives cocktail lovers the quality they deserve while satisfying their craving for purpose.

We believe in placing just as much care in one another as we do the cocktails we craft. So a classic drink with the best ingredients doesn’t just taste good, it does good. Where big taste meets big hearts, and authentic spirits are public-spirited. From the locally-sourced Californian ingredients and carefully chosen suppliers and partners, to the 5% of proceeds that gets poured right back into the communities they came from. To the ones who like to give back while they throw one back, welcome to the Mission.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Ready-To-Drink Cosmopolitan

"Subtle hints of orange aroma gently greet you when you first open this bottled cosmopolitan. The flavors presented a bit more towards the tart spectrum than what I was expecting, but still a good rendition of the classic cocktail."
"The tart and sour flavors from the cranberry and grapefruit definitely prevail in this particular drink. I like my cosmos sweeter than this version, but those who prefer more of a bitter forward cocktail, this will certainly satisfy."

"I love all of the flavors that would make one pucker, so I quite enjoyed this tarter-than-usual RTD cosmopolitan. While it may not be exactly what you'd expect when ordering a cosmo out at a bar, it's still close and mellows out nicely over ice."
"The orange liqueur aroma in this ready-to-serve cosmopolitan was much more noticeable than any orange sweetness when tasting. Nevertheless, it was a light and inviting cocktail that I would have no problem whatsoever in serving to my party guests."

Where To Buy Mission Craft Cocktails RTD Cosmopolitan

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this silver medal winning pre-mixed Cosmopolitan cocktail? For more information about Mission Craft Cocktails, their mission on giving back to the community, and where to find their RTD cosmopolitan cocktail, visit www.MissionCocktails.com
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