From Zero To Craft Cocktail Stardom: The Inspiring Mission Cocktails Journey

Mission Craft Cocktails

In the competitive world of craft cocktails, imagine transforming a chance meeting into a thriving business within a year. Amit Singh and Marcin Malyszko, co-founders of Mission Cocktails, achieved this by creating a brand that crafts premium cocktails and also serves as a beacon of philanthropy and success. 

Mission Craft Cocktails Co-Founders Amit Singh and Marcin Malyszko

Amit, a 53-year-old entrepreneur and Marcin, a 33-year-old professional who worked on early stage software startups, faced distinct challenges on their paths to success. Despite a significant age gap, their chance encounter at a charity event during the early days of the pandemic marked the beginning of an extraordinary partnership. 

Their journey, highlighted by early challenges and a turning point at a Laguna Beach meet-up, has catapulted Mission Cocktails into the limelight. Within four months of its launch, the company received double gold awards for its Mai Tai, Margarita, Old Fashioned at prestigious competitions like the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the SIP Awards. 

What makes Mission Cocktails stand out is not just the quality of their craft cocktails but also their unique approach to business. The ready-to-pour cocktails, including Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai, Old Fashioned, and Manhattan, are made with locally sourced ingredients, with the spirits being the only exception. 

Their commitment to local sourcing is a testament to the duo's dedication to quality. Singh and Malyszko, with the help of a hired mixologist, worked tirelessly to ensure the cocktails maintained their integrity whether shaken in a small batch or replicated in a 5,000-liter vat. The result is a line of bar-quality drinks in beautiful 375ml glass bottles. 

Mission Craft Cocktails Margarita

Beyond accolades and premium cocktails, Mission Cocktails is making a significant impact through its 5% philanthropic give-back initiative. In 2023 alone, the initiative provided an impressive 26,277 meals to the Orange County Food Bank. For 2024, the company is aiming for bigger impact by seeking to provide 100,000 meals to the community. The duo's commitment to philanthropy goes beyond numbers; it's a philosophy deeply ingrained in the company's mission. 

The success and impact of Mission Cocktails extend beyond business. The brand sets a new standard for the industry, proving that success can coexist with a genuine commitment to community well-being. In line with their impact, Mission Cocktails was recently selected to take part in The Nearest & Jack Advancement Initiative’s Business Incubation Program, serving as a training ground for Mission Cocktails to amplify its ability to influence and transform the beverage industry. 

Drawing from their journey, Singh and Malyszko offer practical advice, emphasizing the importance of choosing a business partner wisely. Their complementary skill sets and shared values have been the bedrock of their success. They also advocate for a holistic approach to engagement, seamlessly blending digital platforms with community involvement, creating a brand that resonates on a local and national scale. 

Mission Craft Cocktails Box Set

As you explore Mission Cocktails' website, Facebook, and Instagram page, you'll find not just a brand but a movement. Supporting Mission Cocktails means contributing to a better world, one pour at a time. The Singh and Malyszko families, the driving force behind Mission Cocktails, invite you to be a part of their journey, where success and philanthropy intertwine. 

Experience the Mission Cocktails journey through images and videos, showcasing their events, cocktails, and testimonials. Dive deeper into their world by exploring their website and featured events, and witness the brand's continued acclaim, featured in prestigious competitions and events such as the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and SIP Awards. Mission Cocktails isn't just crafting premium drinks; it's crafting connections and crafting impact, with every pour telling a story of success and giving back.

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