Mission Cocktails Margarita

Mission Craft Cocktails Margarita

FROM THE BRAND: Margaritas make everything better. At least this one does. Made with 100% agave Blanco tequila from Mexico, lime, and orange liqueur crafted with local California ingredients. Salt a rim and serve it over ice or chilled with friends. Mission Craft Cocktails gives cocktail lovers the quality they deserve while satisfying their craving for purpose.

We believe in placing just as much care in one another as we do the cocktails we craft. So a classic drink with the best ingredients doesn’t just taste good, it does good. Where big taste meets big hearts, and authentic spirits are public-spirited. From the locally-sourced Californian ingredients and carefully chosen suppliers and partners, to the 5% of proceeds that gets poured right back into the communities they came from. To the ones who like to give back while they throw one back, welcome to the Mission.

What Our Testing Panel Said About This Bottled Ready-To-Drink Margarita

"The combination of flavors in this ready-to-serve margarita are fascinating. While the typical margarita's sweet flavors present themselves up front, it almost has a pineapple-tasting finish, and not in a negative manner whatsoever. It simply enhances the journey as you're transported to the tropics while sipping on this cocktail."

"Subtle aroma with little tequila fragrance detected by the nose, but a very tropical tasting margarita that's really enjoyable over ice. Easy to drink more than one, but at 25% ABV be sure to savor this flavor responsibly."

"I love the mission of this brand and I absolutely love this margarita cocktail. Makes me reminisce of vacationing on windswept, white sandy beaches while enjoying drinks with friends and loved ones. Paradise in a bottle!"

"The bottle is lovely, inviting, and the perfect window in to what awaits you inside. Tropical flavors is an understatement and I don't really know how to describe the complex taste. But I know this margarita would make for perfect poolside sipping while enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the sun."

Where To Buy Mission Craft Cocktails RTD Margarita

RTD Magazine Gold Medal Winner
Want to learn more about this gold medal winning pre-mixed margarita? For more information about Mission Craft Cocktails, their mission on giving back to the community, and where to find their RTD margarita, visit www.MissionCocktails.com
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